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Tango is lost!

Lost Date July 4th, 1:06pm
Wearing collar? No
Last seen at 908 N Johnson Road, Spokane Valley, Wa
Missing Cat - $500 REWARD (Broadway Elementary School Area - Spokane Valley) Tango - Long-Haired Tuxedo. Missing since the evening of July 4th. Has lived in this neighborhood all of his 9 years! He is very independent but very skittish! Tango is chipped and neutered. This is highly unusual for Tango to not come home for all this time! He will not approach strangers and knows how to hide very well. I ask you to please check around your home, garages, outer sheds, crawl spaces, under patios. $500 Reward for returning to me or spotting him and I find him!! Please call / text Ginger at 509-954-6650 My dog, my other kitty and I are truly heartbroken. Our family is missing a major loved one completely!



Breed Dmh
Species Cat

Basic Information

Color Blk/Wht
Gender Male
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Microchip Number 036796114
Pet Date of Birth 03/01/2010

Owner Information

Owner Name Ginger Eldridge
Phone Number (509) 954-6650
Home Address 908 N Johnson Rd

Pet Care Information

Temperaments independent but very skittish
Friendly with People Yes
Friendly with Children Yes
Friendly with Cats Yes
Primarily Outdoors Yes
Type of Food Rachael Ray Nurish
Feeding Schedule and Amount 1 cup a day with some cooked chicken as a treat

Medical Information

Veterinarian VCA North Division Animal Medical Center

(509) 467-5230