The Spokane Regional Animal Protection Service

DocuPet’s mission is to help provide a safe and happy home for every pet. We're proud to partner with the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) to support the important work they do for animals in your community.

The Spokane Regional Animal Protection Service's mission is provide to build a more humane community, to protect public safety, and to ensure animal welfare through the compassionate, responsive, and professional enforcement of laws and public policies.

Pet licensing revenues provide a vital means of funding for animal welfare initiatives. SCRAPS staff and volunteers shelter and care for thousands of pets annually, offering loving care for animals until they are reunited with their families or adopted out to their forever home.

Some of the services they provide:

  • Rescue sick, injured, abused, neglected, and abandoned animals
  • Investigate reports of animal cruelty or neglect
  • Return home (whenever possible) or impound stray animals
  • Respond to reports of animals at large and threats to person or other animals
  • Investigate animal bites, perform dangerous dog inspections, and assist with dangerous dog registrations
  • Assist other law enforcement agencies with animal-related matters
  • Issue citations for infractions and misdemeanors
  • Educate community members regarding relevant proper animal care

See Them in Action

See heartwarming stories about the critical animal care and protection happening in Spokane County. Staff, volunteers, and pet owners share their experiences with the pets SCRAPS cares for.

How Does the Safe&HappyFund Help?

DocuPet's Safe&HappyFund donates 20% of net proceeds from designer tag sales in Spokane County right back to the shelter. Our mission is to provide a safe and happy home for every pet. Every dollar counts for shelters and we think it's important to provide them with the support they need in order to care for society's most vulnerable pets.

Through the Safe&HappyFund, 20% of the proceeds from designer tag sales are donated to SCRAPS.

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