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Nori is lost!

Lost Date March 24th, 1:15pm
Wearing collar? No
Last seen at 7608 South Welcome Road, Medical Lake, WA, USA
She is a mostly outdoor cat. She was seen in the yard in the morning but not in the afternoon. We have searched all over our property and along the road. There is no sign of her. We did post lost pet notifications with SCRAPS, NextDoor, and on Facebook. She is microchipped. In the month since she has been gone, there has been no evidence of her anywhere.



Tag Code U2YYMN (Expired)
Breed DMH
Species Cat

Basic Information

Color grey and white striped tabby
Gender Female
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Microchip Number 977200009569525
Approximate Age 2 years old
Identifying Markings large white patch on front chest
Coat smooth, soft, shiny
Pet Biography she is mostly an outdoor cat but does like to be in the house. She sleeps in the garage year round. Very playful. Loves to follow us around and "help" us while we are working.

Owner Information

Owner Name Michael Joy
Phone Number (509) 299-9019
Cell Phone Number (509) 768-1984
Home Address 7608 S Welcome Rd

Pet Care Information

Medical Information

Veterinarian Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital

(509) 235-2020